Autumn food pairings
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Autumn food pairings

On the 22 of September summer bid farewell and we welcomed Autumn.

The temperatures confirm it; we went from sizzling hot to rains and thunderstorms with cold fronts all within a week.

These changes are not only meteorological, they also change what we wear, eat and do. Because suddenly being out and about sipping wine in a terrace becomes mission impossible with the rain and the cold. So you stay more at home and choose warmer dishes, that unfortunately come with higher calorie count!

White wine is still appreciated, but your body tells you its time to pop the reds. Deeper wines to accompany more savory dishes.

Tips on how to pair your autumn dishes.

Autumn is the time of mushrooms, pumpkins, chesnuts or game. Ingredients that are the base of those delicious stews.


Also, with the cold weather, come the beans, chickpeas, etc for the fabada, cocido madrileño, etc so typical in Spain.

The cold weather and rain, make you want to stay in, eat comfort food to feed your body and soul.

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For these dishes we recommend a pairing fit for kings:

Protos Reserva


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