Protos Clarete

Protos Clarete

This wine is here to make you change your view of Spanish roses. Its cold maceration extracts all of its aromas.

Grape Variety

100% Tinta del País


Estate grown in Valladolid moors. Planted 19 years ago.


Manual harvest 10 days before normal harvest to obtain more aromas and less concentration of polyphenols. Cold maceration for 15 hours to extract the maximum of primary aromas. Fermentation in staintless steel vats.

Serving temperature

8-9 ºC


Rosecurrant with purple hues. Bright and lively color.


Highly aromatic & fragrant wine. Dominated by aromas of red fruits (strawberries, raspberries & blackberries), that denote a very gourmand nose.


Balanced with a very fresh entry and a fruity and persistent finish with memories of red fruits.

Protos Organic White pairing


Blue fish, orienal rice (Biryani, Yangzhou, Hokkien), curries, mild cheese.