Debunking wine myths
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Debunking wine myths

Lores have always been fashionable, in every crowd and in every way. Numerous myths that turned into popular wisdom are very present in the world of wine.

In our blog, we will debunk these myths and we are sure some will surely surprise you. Let’s begin!

Red and white wines: beyond meat and fish.

We’ve all heard it, the widespread cliché of combining white or rosé wines with fish and reds with heavy recipes and meats is just that, a myth.

The palate does not require a certain food with a certain wine pairing, but a balance in flavors and more importantly amusement according to the occasion that is celebrated.  Consider the season of the year, the number of dishes, the type of celebration and the most important thing: to travel through your emotions and sensations. For example an oriental dish with meat can go great with our Protos Clarete, whilst a dish of herring would go great with Protos Crianza.

Does wine need oxygenation?

The oxygenation of musts, known in wine slang as wine decanting is a mysterious element. What wine should I oxygenate? A very common question in homes.

And it is because, like not all wines improve over time, not every wine needs to oxygenate either.

Young wines, those which are from last year’s vintage and up to 3 years, may not need decanting. However, it is important in the case of old vintages, those older than 3 years to decant, important tip: smell the cork, it should smell like the wine, if it has a funny odor it may be oxydized. But it is not enough to simply open it, it is essential to pour the wine into the glass and swirl it gently in your wineglass.

Wine and price: are expensive wines, better wines?

You may not know this, but factors such as the cost of elaboration, the appellation of origin or the place where it is purchased come into play. But also supply and demand, exclusivity and taxes are a big part of the cost.

But in truth the most important thing when choosing a wine is that you like it, and since there are as many palates as there are wines. In fact a $200 does not always mean that it is 5 times better than a $40 one.

Sparkling wines, wines for special ocasions

It is true ithat most special ocassions end with a toast and some bubbly. These wines are definitley perfect to commemorate special moments.

But we must break from tradition, break the habit that’s been passed on generation after generation.

The freshness of these wines, together with the elegance and delicacy they convey, is ideal to start any special meal because it awakens your taste buds and you can appreciate the taste much better.

After considering these common myths, we hope you will start enjoying the world of wine with a different perspective: untethered and most importantly: make sure you create many special memories by throwing out the window, preconceived lores and enjoying the wines you enjoy most!

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