Wine could help better your eyesight
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Wine could help better your eyesight

Over the past few years, there have been many studies that reveal the large number of properties that wine has that help us have good health.

We talk about benefits for our body such as: preventing heart diseases, strengthening bones or lowering cholesterol…, but what about the eyes?

How does wine help you have good eye health?

In this post, we reveal two studies that show that red wine is a healthy source for our eyes.

Washington University School of Medicine

One of the first research studies conducted by Washington University School of Medicine revealed that the antioxidant resveratrol can be a great ally.

Why? because it can prevent and reverse age-related macular disease or diabetic retinopathy.

This antioxidant on the skin of red grapes demonstrated significant vascular benefits in mice with eye problems.

To read the whole study click here.

uvas tintas

UCL Eye Institute & Moorfields Eye Hospital

This recent study was conducted on a sample of more than 490,000 people, who were asked about their habits and lifestyle.

The results concluded that those who drink wine, at least five times a week, the likelihood of cataracts developing cataracts, were reduced to 23%.

And compared to other drinks, those who drink wine have a lower risk of having this pathology.

To read the whole study, cick here

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