Does music affect the taste of wine?
musica y vino

Does music affect the taste of wine?

Oenology and music, two different concepts that share a common ingredient: creation of a fascinating experience for the person enjoying it.

It may be the first time you’ve read about it, but music does  affect the taste of wine.

The versatility of wine allows you to have an original sound pairing.

If you thought that wine pairing was only possible with food, think again…

If a particular song makes you travel back in time to a unique place, or bring you memories of a special someone, the taste of wine is no less, it makes you relive magical moments.

música y vino

We are talking about a pairing capable of activating and stimulating certain areas of the brain, turning that moment of enjoying your glass of wine into something wonderful. There`s numerous research about a correlation between taste and hearing. This link between music and wine is called Oenostesia by  experts.

Oenostesia, the combination between music & wine, refers to the associated sensation that occurs in the body as a result of a stimulus, that is, what sensations does this combination provoke in the consumer when they interact with each other. And this term goes so far as to create a correlation between grape development in the vineyard when music is applied.

There are producers who put relaxing music in their vineyards because they consider that it favors the quality of the grape’s flavors and intensity. Countries like South Africa and France have tried this novel tactic.

But just as consuming a delicious wine has its right time, listen to music does too. At these times, other factors such as mood, age, identity, time of day, musical preferences, among others, come into play.

Below we give you different music genres paired with our wines:


If you love classical music, chances are that you like good aged red wines, and for you we suggest our Gran Reserva . As with a good symphony it has taken time to develop and for this we suggest you open the bottle an hour before pouring it. Sit in your favourite couch with your Gran Reserva and Beethoven’s 5th or 9th.


Continuing this music & wine pairing, for our Reserva, we suggest a good Miles Davis song, such as So What. Close your eyes and let the liquid and sax send you to another place and time.


Our Protos 27 is a very special wine that goes perfect with some good ol’ blues jams such as B.B. King’s The Thrill is gone.


This genre is so wide that we will pair it for our Roble, Tinto Fino and Crianza with it.

A good Roble will go great with some Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock, or Beatles’ Lady Madonna.

Tinto Fino is specially made for our US customers and for that we will pair it with some Rambling man from the Allman brothers or Chuck Berry’s Johnny Be Good.

For Crianza, since it is more bold, why not some Smells like Teen Spirit from Nirvana or Green Day’s Basket case and dance your heart away!


As the name suggest we will pair this genre with our rosés. We invite you to pair Aire de Protos with some classic Madonna such as La isla Bonita and Protos Clarete with Ava Max’s Kings and Queens.



And last but not least, Verdejo with Bob Marley’s One love to end this music pairing with memories of summer nights under the breeze of the ocean while sipping this great white wine.

We hope you enjoy our music & wine food pairings and let us know how was your experience.

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