Summer & Wine: 4 winning wines to survive the heat
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Summer & Wine: 4 winning wines to survive the heat

Midsummer is fast approaching and with it high temperatures and great plans, such as beach, pool, al fresco dinners, sunset terraces, etc…If there is time that we need this influx of positivity it is definitely this year. Last year I think we can all agree, was not good watching how the temperature rose and lowered without really enjoying it, watching the sun from inside our houses. But this year is different, in most countries vaccination is at good pace and we can finally make plans to enjoy the weather, and of course wine.

This is the season for chilled wines, specially rosés & whites, enjoyed with salads, fruits, mediterranean cheese and sausage platters, etc. Lets be real, even writing this my mind is at a beach in Ibiza, wine & summer, the best pairing.

For this summer we recommend four unique options to enjoy the sun and loved ones, now that we need them more than ever!

Protos Clarete 2020

Protos Clarete 2020:

This dark rosé has great personality, with a fresh mouthfeel and an explosion of wild berries that make it very easy to drink and to pair with summer food, such as paella, steak tartare or any oriental dishes. It can also be perfect at a terrace with a cheese platter.

Aire de Protos 2020

Aire de Protos 2020:

Already an icon  in the Protos family. A balanced and surprising pale rosé. Its versatility allows a wide range of pairings: from salads to pasta, through white fish and, if we are thinking of hors d’oeuvres, it marries perfectly with seafood and even better if it is presented on melba toasts with avocado or mayonnaise.

Protos Verdejo

Protos Verdejo 2020:

A summer is not summer without a glass of white wine, and the Protos Verdejo 2020 is the quintessence of this summer favorite. A wine that does not leave anyone indifferent, with a dry entrance and a roundness that allows its flavor to persist in the mouth, making it a unique option. White fish, tuna, ceviche or seafood are good companions of the Protos Verdejo 2020, as well as chicken and as for cheeses blue and fresh cheeses triumph for sure.

Protos Verdejo Ecológico 2020:

If you prefer all things Bio and sustainable, our Organic white is the wine for you. This fresh wine comes from organic vineyards and is perfect to enjoy with hummus, charred veggies, watermelon & feta salad or any vegan platter you prefer.

So here you have 4 great choices of Protos wines to enjoy these high temperatures with lots of laughs and special moments, so just choose, uncork and enjoy!


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