Pork knuckles cooked in beer with forest honey glace paired with Protos Clarete

Pork knuckles cooked in beer with forest honey glace paired with Protos Clarete

Today we present to you this amazing dish from @cocinayaficiones, the delicious pork knuckles cooked in beer with forest honey glace, although it has many intense flavours, we can assure you that everyone will be impressed.

Wine Pairing: pork knuckle with honey glace served with Protos Clarete


To compliment this delicious dish, I will pair it with one of my favourite wines, Bodegas Protos’ Clarete, the most powerful brand in Spain, as per independent survey company Wine Intelligence and that is always in my cellar. Their wines have accompanied many of my feasts.

As evident, the moment the wine reaches the glass you pleasantly discover a bright hot pink colour, perfect entry for the dish that will follow.

Its colour, aromas and great mouthfeel takes me back to the claretes of yesteryears. Its freshness goes great with the sweet and sour from my pork knuckle. It has been an amazing success of harmony and balance that is my main goal when hosting.

You can click here, to see the tasting sheet.

Forest Honey

In one of my scavenger trips looking for great quality products I came upon a company called Madrid Miel, that impressed me with their amazing honey, I am now a super fan.


Now on to my delicious dish and recipe, so you can all try it at home and tell me what you thought of it.


  • Category: main dish
  • Style: party platter
  • Main ingredient: pork knuckle
  • Cooking time: long
  • Price: medium
  • Difficulty: low
  • This recipe does not contain: eggs, nuts, gluten or dairy products.

Ingredients to make the pork knuckle in pilsner beer and forest honey for 4:

  • Brine pork knuckle, 2
  • Pilsner beer, 350ml
  • Forest honey, 180g
  • Fresh ginger, 6 slices
  • Carrot, 1
  • Turnip, 1
  • Leek, 1
  • Onion, 1
  • Potato, 2
  • Protos Clarete

Cooking the Pork knuckle in pilsner beer with forest honey glace:

  1. Clean the pork knuckle under cold water, dry and place inside a pressure cooker.
  2. Add the vegetables and cover with beer. Close the pressure cooker and let it cook for 30 minutes.
  3. Wait a bit before opening and pinch the pork to confirm it is tender.
  4. In another skillet we cook the forest honey with vinegar and reduce it until concentrated.
  5. With a brush we paint the pork (taken out and placed in a tray), making sure it is completely covered.
  6. We put the pork in the oven until golden, painting it several times with the honey and vinegar reduction.
  7. We can accompany it with french fries or mashed potatoes.


Expert tips:

  • If you don’t have a pressure cooker, the cooking time for the pork knuckle will triple, so take into consideration 90 minutes instead of 30. In the end the idea is for the meat to be able to be separated from the bone with your fork rather than knife.
  • You can change the vegetables if there are some that you prefer rather than mine.
  • You can change the pilsner beer to beef broth mixed with a glass of cognac, it is also delicious.
  • The side dish can really be whatever you want, I like it with potatoes, but you can also eat it with choucroute, green salad, cole slaw, etc.

Hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to @cocinayaficiones for this amazing recipe.

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