Rosé for a fresh and elegant food pairing. Appetizers to pair with rosé wine.

Rosé for a fresh and elegant food pairing. Appetizers to pair with rosé wine.

The pandemic has sweptg away the very Spanish tradition of going to the bars to enjoy a good glass of wine while debating politics, work or life.

Health regulations have been restricting a multitude of pleasures, specially those that involve sharing a meal with friends and family at restaurants with a good bottle of wine. Human beings are social animals, and our well being depends on interaction.

In Spain the time of the aperitif or “tapeo” is sacred, but it is something that goes beyond the culinary pleasure itself: it is the hallmark of each region. At noon or at night, how can you deny yourself the pleasure of a good glass of wine with a real delicatesen, specially with the good weather we are enjoying?

In our blog, we propose delicacies to harmonize this Spanish lifestyle staple, the “tapeo”, with wonderful rosé wines.




We are talking about a pairing suitable for Summer, the perfect season in which you want to enjoy the freshness of rosé wine.

Cheese and wine are truly a match made in heaven, but as in all pairings, both components must bring the same intensity, so that one does not overshadow the other.

For this appetizer, we will taste a bright and clean Protos Clarete, along with a table of six cheeses – as the French tradition mandates – soft and creamy that will make that pecking a magical moment. A combination of soft cheeses such as Mozarella, Brie, Humboldt Fog or Saint Andre. Semi soft cheeses such as Silton, Gouda, Jarlsberg or Oka. Semi hard cheeses such as Manchego, Sage, Provolone or Comté, or hard cheeses such as Aged Cheddar,  Parmesan, Aged Asiago or Cheshire.

Tip: Use different types of bread and crackers so that the textures will play with the cheese and wine!



An intresting appetizer that will have your guests dreaming of holidays near the sea are anchovies with Aire de Protos.


Anchovies are among the most common fish of spring, but at any time of the year it is a success. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Being anchovies, we mean a gourmet product, very sought after, it enhances the taste of the wine and creates one of the most exquisite pairings of all time.


Another great combination is mussels with rosé wines. Mussels, aside from being a gift to the palate, they offer amazing nutritional value because of its vitamins, minerals & amino acids content.

Fresh, cooked, smoked, with sauce or steamed… Mussels are a marvel of Spanish cuisine that enhance the power of the wine paired with them.

They are so versatile that you can pair them with both of our rosés Protos Clarete or Aire de Protos, or both!


Fresh, cooked, smoked, with sauce or steamed, mussels are a staple in Spanish food that enhances the taste of the wines they are paired with.

These shellfish are a must in Spanish cuisine, specially in the Northern part.

If you want to have a taste of Spain, make these recipes, pour a glass of our rosés and be transported to our beautiful country!

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