Defy winter blues with these 4 cheeses to pair with Protos Verdejo
Blue monday

Defy winter blues with these 4 cheeses to pair with Protos Verdejo

Last monday was Blue Monday, supposedly the saddest day of the year.

People say it is because the holidays are gone, the cold is in, and failure to keep those new year’s resolutions start creeping in.

Although scientists say nay, we do think there is an air of melancholy in these winter nights; and so we at Protos, want to make these nights more enjoyable with this different but amazing food pairing.

This time the main character is cheese. Although we are used to cheese being paired with red wine, this time we propose something different, our Protos Verdejo.

So open that bottle, slice that delicious cheese and let the light shine in!!

A perfect match

Protos Verdejo is not your average white wine. This Verdejo has a unique personality, with fresh crispy notes of tropical and citrus fruits, soft acidity and a balanced round mouthfeel.

Characteristics that make it the perfect match to these cheeses:

  • Goat cheese: here you can find an amazing selection from Taste Atlas.
  • Blue Cheese: its strength counter balances Verdejo’s freshness for a surprising great pairing.


  • Mozzarella: a blessing for the senses, fresh mozarella and a sip of Protos Verdejo. this combination will have you reminiscing of summer afternoons.
  • Hard cheese: this combination is quite extrodinary. Warning it may lead you to finish the bottle and the cheese without realizing it!

Maybe Blue Monday is not really the year’s saddest day, but winter surely makes us be more at home, so you will have infinite opportunitities to honor yourselves and make a chilly night a great night with these food pairings.

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