Food pairing fish dishes with our Protos wines
maridaje de vinos con pescado

Food pairing fish dishes with our Protos wines

Just as there are seasonal food/wine pairings, there are also food/wine pairings for every destination. If you love the sea and its wonderful treasures, you are in luck, because we will dive into amazing fish pairings with our wines.

The almost cardinal rule that comes to mind is that fish goes with any white wine. When it is not always true, it will depend on the grape variety, the type of fish, how was it cooked and the elaboration process of the wine itself.

Low fat fish and Protos Verdejo

We all know sea bass, sole or hake. These type of fish are very low in fat, which make them a very good fit to our Protos Verdejo, due to its acidity that enhances the subtle flavors of the fish.

maridaje de vinos con pescado

Medium fat fish with Protos Clarete

In this group we find cod, haddock our grouper. These fish are higher in fat than the previous ones and therefor are great to pair with our rose Protos Clarete, because the fattiness with enhance the black and fruit aromas of the wine.

High fat fish with Protos Verdejo Barrel Fermented

Fish like salmon, tuna, trout and marlin belong to this group of high fat, high in Omega-3 category. Because these fish are high in fat, they are better paired with full bodied whites, such as our Protos Verdejo barrel fermented. But they can also be paired with cava or rosé.

Other fish that go well with full bodied whites are anchovies or sardines.

Other types of “fruits from the sea”

Shell fish such as clams and mussles or calamari, cuttlesfish go great with young white wine, such as our Verdejo. While shrimp can be paired with a young red wine, that will enhance its minerality; Lobster and langoustines go great with sherry.

maridaje de vinos con pescado

Food/wine pairing depending on how it is cooked:

Raw fish

Sushi is the most widely known version of raw fish and it goes great with our pale rose Aire de Protos. But a tuna tartare with capers could also go with our young red Protos Roble. Regarding Ceviche, because of its acidity, a natural acid Verdejo would pair great as they’d balance each other out.


Fish cooked in BBQ or smoker will go great with red or white wines that have been aged in barrel. You can pair them with a good Crianza or our Verdejo Barrel Fermented.

With sauces

One of Spain’s most traditional dishes is cod in tomato and garlic sauce, this dish would go great with any red wine you want, our Protos 27 would be a great one.


“Pescaito frito” is a staple in any Andalusian bar or restaurant, specially in summer and paired with a chilled Verdejo or Aire, it is heaven on earth.

We hope that the next time you feel like eating fish, you can make use of our tips and have a great gastronomical experience. Remember, everything tastes better with wine.


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