Bodegas Protos. Selecting a wine and how to preserve it.

Selecting a wine and how to preserve it


As wine-food pairing is essential, you need to select the wine best matches the food you are about to eat.
Wine and food that complement each other enhance the flavour of both.
In principle you may think that it is difficult to choose the perfect match for some meals, but just by following some simple tips, you will find it easy and fascinating.

The technique that combines "food and wine", known as pairing, first classifies the different kinds of foods.

For red meat and stews, for example, red wine is the best option, whereas the best companion for crustaceans and fish is white wine. Wine age (selecting a young, crianza or reserva wine) is determined by the kind of dish, the cooking method...

Preserving wine

One of the most common problems you face is preserving wine till it is used.
Wine should not be exposed to natural light and vibrations. Temperature should be kept relatively low avoiding wine exposure to sudden changes in temperature (the ideal temperature for red wines ranges between 14 and 16 °C)

The inner part of the cork must be kept moist and, therefore, it is recommended to place the bottle horizontally.

Preserving red wine is always more complicated than doing so with white or rosé.
Small refrigerated wine cabinets are on offer to help you with wine preservation.

Serving temperature

Wine should be enjoyed at the recommended temperature. Only this way, you can perceive the myriad of aromas and flavours from wine.

Serving temperature for crianzas and reservas ranges between 16 and 18 °C. But white and rosé wine should be served colder (approx. 7 °C).

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