Antigua Bodega Protos Historia

Our beginnings

The year was 1927. Eleven childhood friends—all grown up now, and in different professions—came together to celebrate their families’ viticultural roots and their love for their village, Peñafiel. They had a dream, not just to make good quality wines, but also to highlight the importance of a forgotten wine region with an illustrious heritage. Together they would change the history of this region, introducing us to everything from rustic wines for personal consumption to a now world-renowned Spanish appellation, Ribera del Duero.

These visionaries honored the terroir, understanding its needs and envisioning a future that ultimately came to pass, with Protos recognized as one of the most important wineries in Ribera del Duero.


¿why Protos? Because these pioneers understood the region’s potential. They looked for a name that was universal while expressing their vision. Hence the Greek word πρῶτος, Protos, which means “First.”

Ribera Duero

Certain that the region was destined for greatness, Protos registered the trademark 55 years before the Appellation was created.

De Peñafiel

Honoring the village where it all began and its terroir (not just a function of geography and climate, but also of the people, and the soil itself).

Etiqueta Bodegas Protos Antigua 1927
Fundadores Bodegas Protos

Our community

These 11 families believed so ardently in this project (and still do, with 4 of their grandchildren still on the board of directors) that many more families would follow, making Protos a badge of identity for its region…


“I have been harvesting since I started walking, both my father and grandfather have been with Protos for over 80 years” – Álvaro Nobo.

More than 250 families

Today, more than 250 families are part of this community, bound together by the same original goal of making exceptional wines in an exceptional region. Many 3rd generation scions continue to work these lands with the same passion and commitment of their ancestors. Today, they benefit from knowledge inherited from generation to generation as well as extensive research conducted by Protos at each and every vineyard.

This community also includes 300 viticulturists, 8 agricultural engineers that care for our parcels throughout the year, and a team of 8 oenologists—led by Marilena Bonilla, one of the few women technical directors in the entire Ribera del Duero—all dedicated to the constant betterment of our wines and their reach into the homes of wine-lovers all over the world.

Bodegas Protos Historia

At Protos, we are always learning

It is in this pioneering spirit that Protos continues to evolve, adapting our wines with the utmost respect to the land and remaining at the forefront of natural, quality wines made in Spain.

For the last 10 years, Protos has been studying each and every plot of land it owns, observing how Tempranillo clones adapt and change in each location and helping vineyards develop their potential. Our findings led us to divide and subdivide all our vineyards, helping us gain a deeper understanding of the vine and thus determine with greater accuracy the optimal time to harvest our grapes for a perfect expression of each particular terroir.

At Protos, we keep an exacting eye on all our vineyards (1.400ha!) throughout the year, monitoring ripeness levels and collecting/analyzing 200 samples a day to pinpoint the optimal moment to harvest each individual parcel.

The alchemy of wine

Today, Protos is all about making the most of each terroir’s characteristics, using the most natural, respectful processes available.

Our rosés & whites come from different areas and microclimates where grape selection and variety authenticity guide the expert hands of our viticulturists.

Protos reds, produced by our inspired enologists, embody on one hand, the purest, freshest character of the famous Tempranillo fruit and —thanks to perfect ageing and blending techniques— the highest expression of “Tinto Fino” complexity.

A high degree of grape sorting and selection of the finest terroirs—still worked by the best of our founder families—are the key elements of an authentic vintage signature.