Bodegas Protos. Selecting a wine and how to preserve it
Bodegas Protos. Wines. Reserva.


Treat yourself to this little gem, with 18 months in the cask and at least 24 months in the bottle.

Look: intense cherry colour.

Smell: black fruits with nice toasted tones, forming a complex elegant bouquet.

Taste: the pairing of wood and wine will leave you with a velvety sensation in the mouth, as well as an extremely long aftertaste, typical of a protos wine.

Analysis     Degrees: 14º0
  Total acidity: 5,2 gr/ l en tartárico.
  Volatile Acidity: 0,60 gr/l en acético.
  pH: 3,65
  Serving temperature: 16-17 °C
Food pairing
• Poultry: guinea fowl fricassee, grilled or roast duck magret, stewed turkey thighs, stewed or stuffed chicken thighs, roast duck, stuffed turkey, turkey stuffed with fragrant truffles, oven-baked duck confit, chicken fricassee and chicken in a sauce.
• Meat: sirloin kebabs, roast kid, lamb stew, veal cheek, pork chops, lamb and grilled veal chops, roast lamb and suckling pig, fillet steak, veal stew, roast suckling lamb, tongue stew, stewed pig's trotters, sautéed veal sweetbreads, shank stew, grilled pig's snout, oxtail, veal ragout, kidneys in sherry, oven-baked sirloin, etc.
• Game: quails sautéed or in sauce, stewed or garlic rabbit, venison stew, roasted pheasant with grapes, wild boar stew, stuffed pigeon, partridge in chocolate, squab with nuts and oven-baked venison.
• Cereals and pastas: tagliatelle bolognese.
• Cold meats: smoked meat, cured ham and smoked loin of pork.
• Eggs: fried eggs with potatoes.
• Pulses: beans with partridge and pinto beans with rice.
• Fish: anchovy puffs with tomato.
• Cheeses: the wine matches very well with aged cheeses such as manchego, roncal, zamorano, etc.
• Soups: castilian garlic soup.
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